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Santuario de Pla de Petracos




The Sanctuary of Pla de Petracos, located in the municipality of Castell de Castells, constitutes one of the most outstanding examples in whole Europe of Macro schematic art and has been declared Site of Cultural Interest and Heritage of Humanity. The importance of this site has led the Provincial Government of Alicante to assess its value improving its spreading elements, its protection measures, and the access gates to this site. The works started on the 3rd of March 1998.

The provincial institution of Alicante promotes through the Provincial Archaeological Museum (Museo Arqueológico Provincial, MARQ) a program of Cave art routes, which, under the supervision of the Autonomous Administration and in co-operation with the municipality of Castell de Castells, aims at improving the protection given to artistic expressions. Simultaneously, it pretends to boost its general attention, facilitating its access ways and installing explanatory panels.

The site of Pla de Petracos takes its name from its location. This site is made up of a number of shelter woods and a cave located on the left strip of the Barranc de Malafí, within a geographical frame demarcated by the sea and the mountain ranges of Aitana, Mariola and Benicadell. It can be accessed through a track that starts on kilometre 7 of the road from Benichembla to Castells de Castells. This track communicates the site with the municipality of La Vall d'Ebo. The site is located at the geographical coordinates of 38º 45' 37" lat. N. and 0º 10' 59" long. O. Located 485 m above sea level.

Discovered in 1980, it is made up of eight shelter woods. Of these, five of them show paintings in a perfectly visible vivid red. Four of them are close to each other and show art depictions of Macro schematic art, an artistic expression from the most ancient Neolithic Age. The fifth painting is an artistic expression of the Levante region of Spain, chronologically subsequent to the expressions of Macro schematic Art

The depiction of the human figure constitutes its main subject matter. Amongst them, the prayers have to be highlighted, who are stretching out their arms above their heads. Opposite it, a few metres from the rocky wall, a large stone protrudes on the ground, which may be related to the meaning of these pictorial representations.

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