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Footprints in the Gateway of the Forum

There were three common types off Roman footwear: calcei (closed shoes with a nailed sole), soleae (sandals), and caligae (military boots).

The first were shoes normally worn with a toga, but it became the norm to wear soleae (sandals) in the style of Cicero. In a provincial city such as Lucentum this norm was likely frequently ignored.

Sandals were ordinary footwear, worn by the lower classes. The sole would have been reinforced with nails, similar to the caligae, or military sandals. The pair of soles displayed at the MARQ, originating from the necropolis of Albir, in Alfaz del Pí, is an examples of one of these types.

Footprints from un-reinforced sandals or human feet were discovered in the gateway of the Forum at Lucentum. 

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