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Excavations organised by MARQ

Cabezo Pardo

Project Director
Juan A. López Padilla

Tel: 965 149 000 Ext: 7208

The site of Cabezo Pardo is located 59 metres above sea level on the highest point of an area known as Cabezos de los Ojales. The name (“ojales” or springs) almost certainly comes from the fact that various natural springs have been known in the area since ancient times, and the majority of which were until recently still active. The summits of these hills mark the boundaries between the municipal areas of San Isidro and Granja de Rocamora in Alicante.

Cabezo Pardo was recognised as a site of archaeological interest at the beginning of the 20th century when L. Siret, or most likely Pedro Flores or one of his sons, carried out archaeological excavations on the site. The results of these excavations produced a collection of pottery, lithics and molluscs which today forms part of the Siret Collection, housed in the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid…

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(Remains of the walls and the entranceway to Room 1, which dates to the settlement of the Emirate period (8th – 9th century AD).

(General view of the archaeological work carried out on the site)

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