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The Roman Imperial period, beginning with the rise of Augustus, marked a concentration of power and put an end to senatorial control of the Roman Republic. It commenced a period of political and social stability known as the Pax Augustus or Pax Romana, which peaked during the High Imperial Period (27 BC to 235 AD). In this image one can see the borders and provinces of Imperial Rome during the reign of Trajan (87 - 117 AD).


Hispania was originally organized into 3 provinces: Lusitania, Bética, and Tarraconense, where Lucentum was located.

There were four major cities—legally recognized by Rome—in the province of Alicante during this period

The ancient colony of César, Ilici, in The Alcudia in Elche

…Lucentum (Alicante), a municipality during the Augustan era

…And two cities that gained municipal status much later, Dianium (Denia)

…and Allon (Villajoyosa), in which the funerary monument known as the Tower of Saint Joseph still stands.

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