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Grafitti, Arte Espontáneo en Alicante



de julio a septiembre 2010


This exhibition brings together a selection of graffiti depictions and designs from the Alicante Province. Their content and subject matter help us to understand this type of artwork which is little known by most of people.

Bringing this exhibition to reality has required a large amount of work and effort over many years by a team of dedicated field investigators. A number of surveys have been carried out on buildings such as country estates, castles, churches, convents and old prisons throughout the Alicante province. Hundreds of graffiti, the majority of which date between the 14th and 19th centuries and which vary in theme and in technique, have been located. The graffiti have been recorded extensively by photography, written descriptions, tracings and plans of where they were located.

This detailed programme of work has resulted in the establishment of one of the largest and most interesting collections of graffiti known in Spain.

The graffiti have been found carved or drawn with charcoal or paint on the walls of historic buildings in the Alicante province. They cover a wide variety of subjects including historic landscapes, allegories of a religious nature, boats, infantry and cavalry battles, birds, flowers, diverse objects, various inscriptions including some in Arabic and architectural designs - all of which constitute a truly spectacular collection.

The techniques, perspective and well drawn designs of some architectonic themes give the impression that they were made by experts. Various pieces of writing indicate that their authors were experienced, professional and learned. The details reflected in the representations of boats must have been made by people who knew a great deal about the sea and the quality of these designs show that the makers were very skilled artists. 


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